In August last year, ICF launched a new version of the ICF Credentialing Exam, which is part of the process of obtaining an ACC, PCC or MCC credential. The new exam integrates changes to the key competency model, which went from 11 to 8 competencies in 2019. The written exam is the final step in the certification process, and the coach is invited to take it after all other elements of his or her dossier have been reviewed, including the recorded coaching sessions that serve as the "oral exam," i.e., sometimes several months after the application process begins.

For this reason, it is precisely at this time that many coaches are reaching the stage of taking the written exam, and we are discovering the new challenges posed by this updated version of the ICF Credentialing Exam.

The first experiences with this exam indicate that it is more difficult than the previous one.
There are new features in the format, which is still "test type", with a coaching situation and four answers, but now the candidate is asked not only to answer the "best answer" of the coach to the situation described, but also the "worst answer". Feedback from coaches who have taken the test is that although it is easier for them to identify the best answer, they are very hesitant to identify the worst answer.

The administrative process of requesting a date for the exam and the auditing process that the candidate has to go through as a person and with his or her computer equipment before being able to start the exam is also complex. In addition, it is important to know how the translation into Spanish works, and the possibilities of requesting more time than established.

In the face of these challenges, it is best to be well prepared.

Therefore, to support coaches who are reaching this last phase of their certification process and want to prepare thoroughly, I have created the online course "How to prepare for the ICF written exam".

If you also want to prepare yourself thoroughly, take a look at the course, maybe it is what you are looking for.

What will you get in this Online Course?

  • Online manual with all the necessary study material
  • Clarity on the formal steps to be followed in order to take the examination
  • Clarity on exam format and language options
  • Understand the basic principles to be taken into account in the answers.
  • Quick checklist to identify the best and worst answer
  • Exercise to practice your reasoning in questions
  • Cases of coaches who have been suspended and possible reasons for suspension
  • Links to time extension request forms
  • List of best practices
  • Confidence and security before the exam

In addition to the online course, it is possible to add a 1:1 mentoring session with me to ask questions and clarify any remaining doubts.

Get ready and pass the ICF Credentialing Exam!